Customer acquisition: Next level

Clear line of sight to high value new business
We believe every Microsoft business can find its own unique value proposition, tone of voice and go to market strategy

No two partners are exactly alike even if they sell similar things. We help clients find their own differentiated value proposition, and build a scalable customer acquisition engine that achieves revenue goals at a lower cost per sale and makes them more attractive to investors

Our work...
Exactive case study - investor value proposition

How a stand out IM generated an EBITDA multiple far exceeding shareholder expectations

Investor value proposition
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Bedroq case study - integration post acquisition

Creating a cohesive identity and new business strategy post acquisition

A business reimagined
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Pure IP case study - growth and exit

How a challenger in a crowded market became the biggest global voice provider you've never heard of

The path to growth and exit
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What we do...

Growth plans for Microsoft Partners

Value proposition for every stage of the buyer journey, strategic narrative, customer acquisition plan on a page and team performance
What's first?

Return on investment for M&A

Evaluation or audit, differentiated value proposition and IM for sellers, compelling brand story and integration plans for buyers.

Product launches or start-ups

Customer research, commercial analysis, market context, value proposition design, key messaging, and launch campaigns
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Customer acquisition planning: three essential tools

Tools that unlock the talents lurking in your business and bring structure to the customer acquisition process
Customer acquisition planning

What is a fractional CMO? Why many tech SMBs choose this model

Cost, flexibility, and speed are just some of the things making the fractional CMO model so popular with tech SMBs
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