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Bedroq case study

A business reimagined

In 2021 Bedroq, a Microsoft 365 managed service provider, acquired Tellemachus, an established family business specialising in secure operational networks.  We helped them find the right strategy for growth.


Differentiated identity with fresh purpose, focus, value proposition and strategic narrative

Internal cohesion with clarity of purpose and everyone pulling in the same direction

Scalable marketing engine delivering better return on marketing investment year on year

The brief

Find the right brand and communication strategy for growth

Post acquisition, a decision was needed around whether to maintain two separate brands or bring both businesses together with a single identity. The two businesses were complementary but different in several key respects. Tellemachus operated on a project-based model, delivering operational technology solutions for large industrial clients, while Bedroq focused on subscription-based IT managed services. The board needed clarity on right way forward.

The Process

A 360 degree analysis

Analysed sales data

We looked at buying patterns to see how services were being bought and by whom, where the best margins were and the types of clients the business wanted more of.

Talked to customers

Customer research involved one to ones with decision makers in target markets to understand their long term objectives and challenges, how they described the business and what they liked and disliked.

Listened to the business

Internal interviews looked at competencies, skills and specialisms. We asked team members to describe their own approach to doing business and looked for common values.

Found the common ground

Triangulating the core competences, behaviours and values with what customers saw, valued and needed allowed us to pinpoint the essence of what makes Bedroq unique.

At the heart of it is identity. Alex helped work out who we are, what we do, what we stand for and the things about us that make us different
Edward Armitage
CEO, Bedroq

The two businesses are now united with a coherent story, authentic differentiators and an integrated customer acquisition team

Internal brand is one of the biggest takeaways and can’t be underestimated. The work got everyone on board with who we are. New business development aside, that’s a huge achievement after an acquisition.
Edward Armitage
CEO, Bedroq


The real insight was recognition that the targets for both businesses were segments that rely on technology for critical operations and who value and moreover, will pay for, specialist expertise and high security.  


The Bedroq team can now articulate authentic differentiating attributes that are valued and needed, that in combination make it unique and able to engender confidence in complex situations.  

Internal cohesion

There is no division between what Bedroq says it does and what it does. Now that people can recognise their unique qualities and attributes, the team is living up to them – a virtuous circle.


The strategy has given the team the freedom to say no to random ideas. “We have real clarity of who to sell to and what to sell. We’re constantly refining but we aren’t opening any new frontiers.


All campaign and tactical marketing activity now connects back to a solid strategy

Strategic narrative

A single page now captures the ‘why’ of Bedroq and the goal in numbers. It summarises the ambition, the target audiences and the strategy for engaging with them.

Key messaging

There is a reworked value proposition that captures Bedroq’s higher sense of purpose and its authentic points of difference which makes a more emotional connection with prospects and employees.

Proposition development

There are are now four core recurring revenue propositions that can be delivered across the key target markets. Solutions are easier to buy and easier to sell and increase the life time value of clients.

Plan on a page

Event and content campaigns are now captured in a plan on a page. Lead generation is a scalable operation utilising a series of ‘pumps’ that break the reliance on single individuals to win new business.

We’ve got solid authentic foundations to build on which stops us following random paths and vacillating between different ideas
Edward Armitage
CEO, Bedroq
  • Strategy on a page
  • Value proposition
  • Core messaging 
  • Authentic points of difference
  • Packaged propositions
  • Lead generation plan
  • Support for marketing team
Since we did this work, the money we spend on marketing each year has been more effective than the previous year because we’ve built a machine to reach the right people
Edward Armitage
CEO, Bedroq
By referencing everything back to our strategic narrative and core messaging, we're able to quickly make decisions on campaign plans and use the marketing budget in the most effective way.
Jennifer Benge
Marketing Manager, Bedroq
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