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Pure IP case study

The path to growth and exit

How ReStrategy helped Pure IP transition from a generalist mid-market VOIP provider to a UC specialist with a focused proposition for enterprise. This stimulated significant three-year growth and helped founder and CEO realise a successful exit in 2023


Competitive customer acquisition strategy to engage and win multi-national enterprise clients

Leveraged existing IP  to create an outcome-based proposition  ‘SeRVE’ – Secure, Resilient, Voice for Enterprise

Created the single unifying idea to challenge perceptions – ‘The biggest global voice provider you’ve never heard of’

The Brief

Help win enterprise clients and be seen as a viable alternative to recognised global telecoms providers

Pure IP is a voice specialist and international telecoms operator. When we met, they had been experiencing steady growth with a broad portfolio of bespoke services to small and mid-sized businesses.  However, they  wanted to accelerate growth through acquisition of more enterprise clients. They needed a fresh approach.

The process

We started with a workshop to establish key priorities and objectives. This got leadership alignment on three-year goal in numbers.

360 degree review

Analysis revealed how products and services were being consumed, and by which segments. We profiled the customers Pure IP business wanted more of and what they were buying.

One to one client research

Highlighted that, in contrast to larger telecoms operators, Pure IP was seen by its customers as having unique problem solving capabilities, specialist technical competence and customer focus.

Internal research

Sessions with internal managers captured the core of the company’s technical competencies and Intellectual Property, and revealed their unique approach to managing customers, culture, and values.

Competitor landscape

Finally, we looked at the competitor landscape and wider market using reports and data available in the public domain. This is a complex world of global telecoms operators, specialist SIP network providers, trunking resellers and OTT voice providers and we needed an overview to establish where Pure IP could play and where it could win.

It’s more than marketing, it’s a review of IP, services, and business plan. It’s business development in the very broadest sense.
Gary Forrest
CEO, Pure IP

The business was operating in an increasingly commoditised market and needed a proposition to differentiate it from competitors

They started us on a journey. They decoupled the existing thinking and reframed the path to the future.
Gary Forrest
CEO, Pure IP


Pure IP can genuinely claim to have a wider global reach than any other provider. To compete with global telcos and remove misconceptions about Pure IP’s capacity and expertise we needed to build a story around this point of difference.

Market feedback

The value clients placed on Pure IP’s approach and the problems their solutions addressed highlighted the potential for growth as well as throwing light on the inevitable blind spots – invaluable feedback for any leadership team.  


Pure IP’s approach was consistent with things clients value highly and more importantly, couldn’t find elsewhere, such as access to specialists, engineer-led support, a genuine enthusiasm for problem solving and a desire to find most efficient solutions.

Pure IP case study - growth and exit - SeRVE for multiple integrations
Pure IP case study - growth and exit - the biggest voice provider you've never heard of
Pure IP case study - growth and exit - pure IP just voice
Pure IP case study - growth and exit - awareness campaign

Building solid foundations based on research enabled Pure IP to broaden its enterprise client base, stimulate rapid growth and finally realise a successful exit in 2023

Value proposition

We developed a new value proposition and story around the combined approach and expertise that make Pure IP unique and genuinely competitive on coverage, resilience, speed and service – core requirements for global clients.

Solution for enterprise

We leveraged existing IP, packaging bespoke services and technologies into a new core solution branded ‘SeRVE’: secure, resilient, voice for enterprise.  Now rolled out as SeRVE for Microsoft Teams plus multiple integrations.

Single unifying idea

We created a concept that deliberately challenged existing perceptions. ‘The biggest global voice service you’ve never heard of’. This included a focused confident new strapline ‘Pure IP. Just Voice.’

Global awareness campaign

This creative idea subsequently formed the key messaging for a worldwide social media campaign that was run by an external agency we recruited to revamp the website and run the global digital activity.

They helped to develop our thinking around the different revenue streams, overlaid with the position we could potentially own.
Gary Forrest
CEO, Pure IP
  • Competitive strategy
  • Points of difference
  • Leverage existing IP
  • Packaged proposition for enterprise
  • The single unifying idea 
  • Briefing digital agency
  • Handover and onboarding marketing director
We really needed to accelerate and ReStrategy showed us where to focus.
Gary Forrest
CEO, Pure IP
They helped us transition towards winning more multi-national, enterprise clients. I still look at the notes from the work we did three years ago – it’s genuinely useful. 
Gary Forrest
CEO, Pure IP
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