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Research, planning and execution
ReStrategy builds...
Solid foundations based on real insight and true identity, and delivers customer acquisition success through proven methods and brilliant people.
Insight + Identity

Identity and value proposition

A project to understand why customers choose you?

For a new launch or fresh customer acquisition strategy, a review of identity and value proposition is a good starting point.  The outcome gives clarity and internal alignment on who you are, the position you can own in the market, what makes you different and how to articulate this.  

Inputs – activity

  • 360 degree research
  • Customer insights
  • Partner perspective
  • Competitor analysis
  • Values and behaviours

Outputs – documented

  • Identity
  • Market position
  • Value proposition
  • Brand story
  • Tone of voice
  • Key messaging

Product launch

Proposition, strategy and campaign

ReStrategy will work with you to package IP into attractive go to market propositions that are easy to buy and easy to sell.  A product launch includes market and commercial analysis, value proposition design, key messaging and communications planning.

  • Market research
  • Commercial analysis
  • Competitive position
  • Value proposition
  • Launch plan
  • Communications

Content creation

Create insight driven content

Good well-written content can engage, delight, inspire and keep prospects close.  ReStrategy creates and commissions insight driven content for each stage of the customer journey from prospecting to closing.  

  • Research and writing
  • Commissioning and editing
  • Long form white papers, articles
  • Case studies
  • Awards submissions
  • Scripts and concept for video and podcasts, vlogs and blogs

Mergers and acquisitions

We work with investors and those seeking investment on evaluation, communications and brand strategy pre and post merger or acquisition.   If you would like introductions to specialist mergers and acquisitions advisors who can help with valuation, negotiation, optimising the process, and legal advice, please get in touch.  

For investors

  • Due diligence
  • Customer referencing
  • Marketing audit

Post acquisition or merger

  • Brand strategy
  • Integration plan
  • Internal and external communications
  • Cohesive go to market strategy 

For investment seekers 

  • Stand out Information Memoranda
  • Differentiated value proposition
  • Communications 
Method + People

Customer acquisition management

On going support and strategic direction from a fractional CMO

Ongoing active support with management and execution of the customer acquisition strategy.  We provide templates and proven methods to structure the marketing plan and budget, and implement a scalable lead generation and conversion engine.

Inputs – activity

  • Goal setting
  • Marketing planning tools and templates
  • Sales planning tools and templates
  • Budgeting templates
  • Regular one to ones
  • Monthly management meeting
  • Quarterly strategy review
  • CEO sounding board


  • Board reports and updates
  • KPIs
  • Team aligned and results oriented
  • Team mentored and motivated
  • Third party suppliers held to account

Process and conversion

Scale up marketing and sales operations

ReStrategy creates customer acquisition process and conversion tools that accelerate the buying cycle. Structure, documented processes and defined operating parameters give experienced sales and marketers freedom to be more creative, and provide an onboarding framework for rapidly upskilling new people.

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Sales process design
  • Pain discovery techniques
  • Dynamic diagnostic tools


Brilliant people

Develop right mindset, skills and experience

We will evaluate competence,  identify skills gaps, recommend team structure and help recruit great customer acquisition people.  We support individuals as advisor, mentor, sounding board and critical friend.

For the client 

  • Competence framework
  • Performance evaluation
  • Team structure
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Employee value proposition 
  • Internal communications

For individuals

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Advice and guidance
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Tools and templates 
  • A sounding board

Internal communications

Drive employee engagement

Communicating purpose, the long term goals and the strategy for achieving these is a major contributor to employee engagement.  We help clients with important messaging throughout their business lifecycle whether to drive higher levels of engagement or initiate a change programme.   

  • Strategic narrative 
  • Values and beliefs
  • All company meetings
  • Culture and feedback
  • Change management
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