About ReStrategy

History, values, associates
ReStrategy was started 10 years ago by
Alexandra Fenn and Russell Seekins

They come from backgrounds in publishing, conferences, and advertising where both have held board positions within global organisations. They started this business 10 years ago to use their experience in strategy and communications to help smaller companies with customer acquisition.  Since then, they have worked with more than 30 Microsoft partners and other technology driven businesses to help refine their value propositions, communications and growth strategy.  

ReStrategy Alexandra Fenn, Russell Seekins

Russell Seekins

Russell works predominantly on research, writing and editing. He is editor of InterMedia, the journal of the International Institute of Communications. He writes for clients on various topics in technology, telecoms, and media.

Alexandra Fenn

Alex works closely with CEOs and senior sales and marketing teams to develop their customer acquisition and communications strategy. She helps recruit, onboard, manage and mentor teams to create and deliver marketing and sales results.

The values we bring to work

The businesses we work with are often founder run.  There is a certain intimacy to the work we do and having a good fit is vital. These are the things that matter to us, they underpin all the services we provide.  


We like to work with bright, interested people with a curiosity about how things work and what makes people tick. Our favourite clients are intuitive, smart and fun. They take the right things seriously and know how to laugh at everything else.
The ReStrategy approach is customer-led


We like being different. We know that although lots of businesses sell similar things, each has its own unique identity. Our mission is to uncover the personality of the business and bring fresh ways of seeing and doing things.
The ReStrategy approach looks for individuality


We believe that when you have structure and a process with clear parameters the mind is freed to be more creative. We take pride in doing things well and get satisfaction from sharing our tools, templates, and experience.
Our approach applies a method


We choose to work in environments where there is trust and respect and we can build genuine connections with teams and individuals. We relish contributing to a team’s success and are always up for celebratory drinks.
Our approach relies on people


We are a small team. We don’t employ account managers; we work directly and closely with clients and see ourselves as part of their team.
For services outside our area of specialism, we have a trusted network of professionals that have worked with before and are confident to introduce.

Design and production

Where necessary we team up with designers, web developers and other content creators from our network to deliver successful projects or campaigns.

Sales training

We are specialists in communications strategy, processes and messaging for sales and marketing teams. For sales skills training we introduce colleagues from Sandler.


For partners thinking about a sale in the short to medium term we introduce colleagues from Equity Results, a team of specialist advisors for CEOs seeking investment or acquisition. Equity Results has its own close network of specialist lawyers, CFAs, and advisors and has helped more than 50 tech business owners to a happy exit over the last 10 years.