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Our work with Microsoft Partners and other technology businesses gives us unique insight into how the market is navigating current challenges and opportunities. On this page, we’ll share thoughts from our network and other industry experts on latest trends and developments.

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Customer acquisition planning: three essential tools

Tools that unlock the talents lurking in your business and bring structure to the customer acquisition process
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What is a fractional CMO? Why many tech SMBs choose this model

Cost, flexibility, and speed are just some of the things making the fractional CMO model so popular with tech SMBs
What is a Fractional CMO. Why many tech SMBs choose this model

What makes a brilliant marketer? How to tell the great from the good

Being commercially savvy and great at getting things done are highly desirable qualities, but they are only half the story.
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Is there any value to values? You might be better off without them

Dear reader, if you've end up with “integrity”, “passion” or “fun” as your principles, you may want to go back…
Is there any value to values

The annual planning framework: a four stage approach

With discipline comes freedom: a planning framework unleashes creativity and gets marketing and sales working brilliantly together
The annual planning framework

How to sell on value: five ways to break through the day rate ceiling

The solution lies in de-risking the sale, creating more certainty and moving towards an outcome-based value proposition
Start selling on value

Culture as a differentiator for tech SMBs

What is culture, how do you define it and how do technology businesses make it part of their go to…
Culture as a differentiator for tech SMBs

Drawbacks of a fractional CMO: 10 considerations to weigh up

For most SMBs hiring a fractional CMO is a valuable and cost-effective solution but there are pros and cons 
Drawbacks of a fractional CMO - 10 considerations

Socks and the gentle art of persuasion

Today another pair arrived in the post. They are the fourth pair of socks I’ve received. The first, turquoise with…